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California Process ServersDirect Legal Support, Inc. was started back in 1961 and has been a premier Legal Support provider in California ever since. Since its inception in 1961, Direct Legal Support, Inc. has focused on providing clients with a full range of litigation support services to law firms, insurance companies, businesses and private parties for over 50 years throughout California and Nationwide.

Our team of professionals provides our clients with superior expertise in the areas of Service of Process, Court filing, Skip tracing and On-site document reproduction. Dave Kern, the founder of Direct Legal Support, Inc., maintained a basic and extremely successful philosophy of not being the biggest, but being the best attorney service in California. Michael Kern, son and CEO of Direct Legal Support was brought on in 1987, and has had his hand in every aspect of litigation support service ever since.

Direct Legal's success is directly attributed to Michael’s dedication and passion for the industry which directly caters to this country’s most litigated State, California. In addition to Michael, our other key management employees have as many as 50 years of experience in the industry. Direct Legal Support, Inc. is a proud member of CALSPro, which is the California Association of Legal Support Professionals — its inception was founded on the simple principles of providing training and education by the certification of process servers and improving on the professionalism to the process serving industry. The organization is involved in the legislative process as well as working with the judicial council on rules, forms and changes in the legal system. Michael Kern has been a board member of CALSPro for over 15 years, serving in many different capacities including President of the association.

Direct Legal Support, Inc. has been on the leading edge of technology with E-Slips a.k.a. Direct Slips, online order tracking, online order submission for new orders and is using the latest industry leading software. Direct Legal Support has full scanning and e-document capabilities to meet the needs of any firm. Direct Legal Support offers e-filing and fax filing in California of which our e-filing connection allows you to upload your document and summit electronically to Direct Legal Support for processing with courts. Once filed with the court, we than can assign it to one of our Professional Process Servers to complete assignment.

Direct Legal Support uses qualified process servers only. Many of Direct Legal Support process servers have at least 10 years of experience and some with as many as 50 years. All process servers are informed and educated on all rule changes and follow strict company guidelines in order to serve all documents according to state and local laws and regulations. Direct Legal Support, Inc. is fully insured, exceeding the minimum required by most firms. Proof of insurance can be provided if required.  All process servers are independently registered and bonded according to California state law.