Small Claims Service

Direct Legal Support, the premier provider of legal support services in California, introduces the Direct Legal Support Small Claims Service, whereby any corporation, business, or individual can process, file, and serve a small claims court action from anywhere in California via our website.

Direct Legal Support, will prepare your Plaintiff's Claim form for your signature, file the action with the appropriate court, advance the appropriate filing fee, serve the defendant with the plaintiff's claim, and file proof of service, all for a flat rate fee of $149.50 + Court Filing fee (Not Included) and $69.50 for each additional defendant to Serve at the same address. This fee is for Los Angeles County only. Other counties in California are higher depending on County & Zip code. Rush basis is an additional fee.

In the event the Plaintiffs Claim is not served after attempts made or is proven to be incorrect address for service, there is additional fees will be due upon Direct Legal Support filing a court reset and attempts service again. We will mail your conformed copy and the proof of service to your address on form provided. All you need to do is complete this form and email, FAX, or deliver it to Direct Legal Support and then be prepared to present your case on the appointed court date.

For companies and individuals residing or doing business in Los Angeles County, Direct Legal Support offers an additional and convenient option to filing your small claims actions. By calling 213-483-4900 and asking for the Direct Legal Small Claims Service representative, the agent will fax to you all the necessary documents required to initiate and complete your small claims action.

It doesn't get any easier than this. Direct Legal Small Claims Service offers the most convenient, expeditious, and comprehensive method of filing your documents with the courts and having process documents served. If you prevail, all or a portion of our reasonable fees are recoverable. Representatives of Direct Legal Support are available to answer your questions and accept your request on any of Direct Legal Support Small Claims Service.