Court Reporting & Depositions

courtreporting_2Direct Legal Support, Inc., Inc. is proud to announce our new court reporting division through our partnership with Personal Court Reporters to handle any court trial or deposition in California. Our goal is to provide unique solutions to unique legal needs. Our products range from court transcripts to deposition services and more.We understand exactly what a trial attorney needs and have access to the best Official Court Reporters from the Los Angeles Superior Court, and our reporters also understand the needs and demands of court trial dynamics, i.e., sidebars, read-backs, etc., while providing the highest level of service.

We can schedule any trial or deposition hearing you may have on short or advance notice through our website. We provide the rough draft free of charge with a daily transcript order. We have no “administrative fees.” We provide the transcripts in PTX format (E-Transcript) at no extra charge.

Our Services Include:

  • Technology that includes trial or deposition transcript in PTX format.
  • Real-time and Digital Wifi reporting to fit your needs.
  • Standard ten-day turnaround at no extra charge.
  • Same day rough transcript e-mails.

Need a quote for a professional Court Reporter? Let us know what your needs are and we will provide you with an experienced professional that will be ready to go within 24 hours. Please visit Personal Court Reporters or email  through our contact us page for pricing & service information.