Process Serving

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California Process Server

Direct Legal Support Process Serving Department can serve any legal document anywhere in the United States. We will provide the original proof of service or Declaration by email, delivery or mail depending on clients account and send an email confirmation regarding the status of completion of your assignment. We have online tracking via our website where you can have access to status information of your assignment.  Our nationwide process serving is tailored to your documents exact requirements and specifications.

*Services incurring extra mileage will incur slightly higher fees.
IMPORTANT:  The rates are based on a "Routine" Service. Routine service means that our Process Server will make the FIRST attempt within 72 hours of receiving of service of process in California and will continue to make at least one attempt or more every 72 hours. Service fee is based on per person/per address given by client. Service is not guaranteed. Routine Service of process for out of state is attempt within 10 days of receiving service of process depending on location as service may vary from county to county or state to state. All process serving and or court filing rates (Fees) are subject to change without notice at any time.
NOT FOUND: Includes Bad Address, Attempts Made, Non-Service fee is based on per person/per address given Same as 1st Person served
OUT OF STATE SERVICE OF PROCESS: (Based on State and Location) $155.00 Per Deft - Min & Up*
SUBSTITUTE SERVICE MADE (Includes mailing and declaration of diligence): $15.00
RUSH SERVICES "TODAY" (Served or attempted on the same day as received): Double the Charges
(Per Hour. -  1 hr. minimum)
STAKEOUT (Per Hour - 2 hr. minimum.) $75.00/Hour
SPECIAL TIME (set up appointment/special arrangements or if you have to serve on a certain day or at a certain time) Double the Charges
LATE NIGHT / EARLY MORNING HOURS: (if you require a process server to be at a location between 11:00pm and 6:00am) per day + Base Service Fee
CANCELLATION: After attempts Prior to attempts Same as Service Fee No Charge
CHECK CHARGE FOR ADVANCE OF WITNESS FEES: 10% of fees advanced or $2.50 minimum