1/10/12 – Direct Legal Support, Inc. Attends SFVLS Meeting

Direct Legal Support, Inc., attended the annual meeting with the Los Angeles County Court Administrators hosted by San Fernando Valley Legal Secretaries association and Conejo Valley Legal Professionals Association. The meeting hosted was regarding how to Survive the 2012 Court Changes.

The meeting was hosted by Gregory Drapac, court administrator of the Central District and the Central Civil West courts.  Guest speakers also consisted of Ana Maria Veiga, court administrator for Central ADR, Diana Gallo, court administrator for Central Family Law, Penny Sterris, court administrator for Northwest district, and Nancy Bullock, court administrator for West District.  The message from each court administrator is that there are more filings coming in than filing clerks can process due to the budget cuts and under staffing.

The court administrators discussed three key points on the 2012 court changes:

  1. Use the Los Angeles Superior Court website as a resource, http://www.lasuperiorcourt.org. The court website has a wealth of resources including court calendar information, court forms, case summary information, and a lot more.
  2. They are requesting that pleadings should be no thicker than 3 inches for civil pleadings. Due to the extensive handling with large civil pleadings filed, documents larger than 3 inches thick must be separated into volumes, with each volume requiring a separate cover page to ensure the court has the ability to review all filed documents in a timely fashion.
  3. Please be patient and understanding with the court clerks.  The court is doing their best to keep up with the filing work load with fewer resources. There will be extended delays, but they hope to process your documents as quickly as possible.