3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Process Server

iStock_000004040660XSmallDirect Legal Support, Inc. has provided service of legal process services to the legal community since 1961. Throughout the passage of time, Direct Legal Support, Inc. has experienced firsthand the benefits of building relationships with loyal customers who seek qualified process servers.

In an attempt to help you find a qualified process server, we have provided you with 3 things to consider when hiring a process server below.

1. Hire a Registered/Bonded Process Server

Direct Legal Support, Inc. recommends that you hire a qualified registered process server. You should never hire a       process server who is not licensed and bonded.

California law requires an individual who serves more than 10 papers a year to be registered in the county they serve and to be a state resident one year immediately preceding the filing.

Further, registered process servers are required to post a $2,000 bond or cash deposit in the State of California. Some other locales require process servers to carry insurance as well.

Before hiring a process server, make sure they are registered with the State of California and properly bonded. You do not want to have your case dismissed due to an inexperienced process server.

2. Hire a Process Server That Belongs to an Reputable Process Server Association

Most process servers join membership associations to stay up to date on trends within the process service industry. Before hiring a process server company, check to see if they belong to any professional associations and/or organizations in their city, county, or state. Members of these associations typically agree to abide by a highly respected code of ethics and professional standards.

3. Check Online Reviews of Customer Satisfaction

Direct Legal Support, Inc. recommends for you to use an online search feature to check the peer reviews of a process server you seek to hire. Read what other customers have to say about their service. Some things to consider are whether they have reasonable rates, how often will they attempt to achieve service of process, or how easy is it to get in contact with them. You also should also see what customers have to say about overall satisfaction (would they use them again).

Because of our depth of experience, you should choose Direct Legal Support, Inc. to handle all of your service of process needs. Direct Legal Support, Inc. will serve any paper or any legal document anywhere in the United States. We have registered process servers ready to assist you. Call us today at 800-675-5376 (KERN) to get started.