3/2/12 – Assembly Bill 1208 – The right choice for California Courts?

2/29/12 - Assembly Bill 1208 - The Right choice for California Courts?

In 2011, Charles Calderon, the Majority Leader of the California Assembly, introduced AB 1208, Trial Courts Administration. The bill as amended passed the Assembly and is now in the Senate. The Legislative Counsel's Digest describes the bill:

Existing law provides that the Judicial Council retains the ultimate responsibility to adopt a budget and allocate funding for the trial courts, as specified, and empowers the Judicial Council to authorize a trial court to carry funds over from one fiscal year to the next. This bill would delete those provisions and would instead provide that unused funds shall be the funds of that court, which may carry those funds over from one fiscal year to the next. The bill would prohibit those funds from being reallocated or redirected without the consent of the management of the trial court.

 The Judicial Council has set up a webpage in regards to the bill. The Judicial Council is not in favor of passage of the bill as it stands. The webpage contains links to the bill and other resources.

Click here to view the page.