4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Court Reporter in Los Angeles

Court Reporter - Discussing Case4 Things to Consider When hiring a Court Reporter

When looking for a court reporting service in Los Angeles, an attorney will likely consider an assortment of options. For instance, an attorney will likely consider how proficient a court reporter can accurately transcribe testimony during a court hearing, deposition, or trial.

Most attorneys will conduct a search for a court reporting service online.  Though this is an efficient method to locate a court reporter, it does not guarantee the court reporting service will address the attorney’s needs. In an effort to help attorneys search for court reporters online, we have provided 4 things to consider before selecting a court reporting service.

1.       Experience & Qualifications

An attorney should first determine how much experience the court reporting agency has.  This can be done by finding out how long the firm has been in operation for.  An attorney should also ask specific questions pertaining to the area of legal service they need the reporter.  For instance, if an attorney needs a court reporter for a deposition, the attorney should ask how many depositions the court reporter has performed.  Attorneys should not be afraid to ask for references.  An attorney should find out which firms the court reporting agency has serviced.

Quick tip: Make sure your Los Angeles court reporter complies with all fonts, spacing, and pagination established by the National Court Reporters Association Guidelines.

    2.       Technology

Attorneys should be aware of the technology the court reporting agency uses.  Court reporters should always be up-to-date on equipment and litigation-support technology.

As a part of our court reporting services, we provide technology with trial-quality and audio videos.   We have real-time and digital reporters as well. We also use an automation tool for delivering transcripts across California’s post-secondary systems.

    3.     Rates

Rates among Los Angeles court reporting agencies vary.  We recommend for attorneys to ask for a rate sheet before scheduling a court reporter.

    4.     Services Offered

Attorney should hire a full service court reporting firm.  A full service court reporting firm should be able to provide 24 hour rush and emergency services to their clients.  They should also provide fast transcript processing, real-time reporters, videographers, transcription services, and multiple means of providing legal transcripts.

We hope the tips above help attorneys find the right court reporting service for their law firm.  Connect with Direct Legal Support, Inc. today to find out how our registered court reporters can provide you with exceptional court reporting services for your next deposition, trial, or court proceedings.