Appellate Court Ruling Regarding Due Diligence in a Eviction Case

The Appellate Court Division of Riverside County issues a decision regarding due diligence in Riverside, California. The defendant claims Plaintiff' "The Bank of New York Melon"  did the very minimal amount to procure property from said defendants. The Judges decision claims the bank did not demonstrate any efforts to effect service at defendants place employment or provide any research showing a attempt was made to locate defendants employment to effect service of process. After reading the Appellate order, I agree with the Appellate judges that service of process should give proper notice, but under C.C.P. 415.45 does not state that service by posting and mailing is available, if the plaintiff makes a good faith effort to serve the defendant. This ruling  applies to Riverside County only at this current time.

The webpage contains links to the decision order by the Appellate Court.

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