The Benefits of Hiring a Registered Process Server for Your Small Claims Lawsuit

Process Server
There are several benefits in using a registered process server to render service of process for your small claims lawsuit. A registered process server will ensure that the defendant receives the required summons and complaint regarding the lawsuit, that the proof of service affidavit is properly completed and filed, and that you receive the best service possible to help you move forward with your lawsuit.

California Personal Service of Process

As a plaintiff in a small claims lawsuit, you have the following options to legally render service upon the defendant: personal service, certified mail, or substituted service. The most common method used is personal service.

Personal service of process occurs when a copy of the summons and complaint are delivered personally upon the defendant by someone over the age of 18 who is not a party to the lawsuit. You can either hire a friend, registered process server, or a local sheriff to provide personal service of process to the defendant.

Though having a friend render service may be cost-efficient, it may not be in your best interest. For example, if a defendant is intentionally evading service of process, it will make it harder for your friend to track the party down. Oftentimes, after many failed service attempts, plaintiffs have to re-file their case due to the time period for notice elapsing, or hire a registered server to track down the defendant to render service.

In the alternative, even if you were to hire the local sheriff to render service, the same result mentioned above could still occur. A sheriff will generally make a limited number of attempts to serve a party. If he/she is unsuccessful with performing the service, then you will either have to rehire the sheriff to make additional attempts, or hire a registered process server.

Hire Direct Legal Support, Inc.’ Registered Process Servers

Our registered process servers have a high success rate in providing notice to a defendant for a small claims proceeding. Contact Direct Legal Support, Inc. for your process serving needs. We can serve any legal document anywhere in the United States. If you found this article helpful, please feel free to share with others.