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Proof of ServiceUpon initiating a lawsuit, certain proofs of service must be filed in a California court confirming that the named defendant(s) received proper service of process regarding the pending legal cause of action asserted against him or her. A case may be dismissed if the proof of service is not documented and filed with the appropriate court.

Types of Proof of Service

A process server will need to fill out and sign the required proof of service form detailing how service was achieved.  The server will have to identify the person served, location, and how it was done.

Below you will find a brief overview of the different types of proofs of service.  The forms will vary depending on the cause of action that is asserted.  For instance, a person may be required to complete a civil proof of service form for civil legal matters that involve serving additional court documents on a party after the initial proof of service summons has been served.

  1. POS-010 Proof of Service Summons

This form is a mandatory form and is used for service of court summons.

  1. POS-020 Proof of Personal Service – Civil

This form may be used for serving documents, other than a summons, by personal service.

  1. POS-030 Proof of Service by First-Class Mail  - Civil

This form may be used for serving documents, other than a summons, by mail.

  1. POS – 040 Proof of Service – Civil

This form may be used for serving documents, other than a summons, by personal service, mail, overnight delivery, messenger service, fax, or e-mail.

  1. SC – 104 Proof of Service – Small Claims

This form can be used for serving small claims documents.

  1. FL-115 Proof of Service Summons Family Law

This form should be used for service of family law summons.

  1. SUM – 300 Declaration of Lost Summons After Service

This form should be used when the original summons is lost before returning it to court with a proof of service.  This form is merely a restatement of a proof of service, and says nothing of a lost summons anywhere in the form other than in the title of the document.  The process server must sign the form and state that the declaration is made in lieu of return of the original summons.

Note, a separate proof of service is required for each party served.

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California Proof of Service Forms

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