Effective June 25, 2012, Ventura County Superior Court – No Longer provides Official Court Reporters

Effective June 25, 2012, official court reporters will no longer be available for:

  • All Civil matters, except for settlements placed on the record, and hearings involving Asset Forfeiture, Harassment, Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse, Workplace Violence or Private Postsecondary School Violence.
  • All Family Law matters, except settlements placed on the record, Orders to Show Cause, Restraining Orders, Ex Partes, and those hearings involving Domestic Violence, Contempt or the Department of Child Support Services.
  • All matters set in Probate Courtroom J6 on Monday (all day), Tuesday (p.m.), Wednesday (p.m.), Thursday (p.m.) and Friday (all day).   [Reporters will be scheduled Tuesday (a.m.), Wednesday (a.m.) and Thursday (a.m.), only.  Please contact the Probate Clerk's Office at (805) 981-5710 if you have any questions about court reporter availability in Courtroom J6.]

Court reporters will continue to be provided for all other matters not identified above, including felony trials and hearings, and all proceedings under the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act and all juvenile calendars, except for cases filed under Welfare and Institution section 601.  See Local Rule 18.00(c).

Calendars will be posted outside the Civil, Family Law, and Probate courtrooms indicating court reporter availability.

For hearings beginning on June 25, 2012, parties may arrange for privately retained certified court reporters to serve as an official reporter pro tempore where the Court will no longer be providing an official reporter.

Parties that arrange for the appointment of a court reporter who is not on the Approved Official Reporter Pro Tempore list must do so by completion of the Stipulation to Appointment of Official Reporter Pro Tempore form.  The court reporter must complete the Agreement and Order re Appointment of Official Reporter Pro Tempore and be appointed by the Court.  See Government Code §70044.

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