Effective June 29, 2012 – Notice of Intent To Destroy Select, Eligible Superior Court Civil Cases

The Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, hereby gives notice of its intent to destroy qualified limited civil, unlawful detainer, and small claims cases, no sooner than 30 days after the date of this notice. [Gov. Code 68152 – 68153 and Cal. Rules of Court, rule 10.856]

The limited civil case files qualified for destruction are as follows:

  1. Limited civil actions where more than 10 years have passed from the date judgment was entered and which have not been lawfully renewed pursuant to the Code of Civil Procedure, sections 683.110-683.220, or are the subject of a federal student loan.
  2. Limited civil actions, where a party appears by a guardian ad litem: 10 years after termination of the court’s jurisdiction.
  3. Unlawful detainer actions: after one year, if the judgment is for possession of the premises only; after 10 years, if the judgment is for money.

    Any limited civil or small claims action:

  1. One year after the case has been involuntarily dismissed by the court for delay in prosecution or failure to comply with state or local rules.
  2. One year after the case has been voluntarily dismissed by a party without judgment.

Within 30 days after the date of this notice you may request, in writing, an order by the presiding judge to transfer or extend the time for retention of the court records beyond the 30 days. (Further information can be obtained from the Judicial Council web site at http://www.courts.ca.gov/forms.htm selecting Court Records Form Group.)