Effective May 15, 2012 – North Central District Changes Distribution of Limited Civil Cases, Filings and Hearings


Effective May 15, 2012, Department NC 3, Glendale Courthouse, 600 E. Broadway 91206 will be converted to a settlement court, presided over by Judge John P. Doyle. Department NC 3’s inventory of cases will be reassigned to departments NC A, NC B, NC D, and NC E.

All new filings will be assigned to North Central Departments A and B (Burbank Courthouse, 300 E. Olive 91502) and D and E (Glendale Courthouse) as follows:

91011-91012 Glendale

91020-91021 Glendale

91046 Glendale

91201-91226 Glendale

91501-91526 Burbank (Civil and Unlawful Detainer)

91501-91526 Glendale (Small Claims only)

All limited civil cases with an existing calendar date in NC 3 on or after May 15, 2012, shall be heard on that date in NC D and/or NC E as reflected on a Notice posted outside of NC 3 on the date of the hearing. Please arrive on time to review the notice and make the appearance in NC D and/or NC E as directed by the Notice. At that time, NC D and NC E shall have the option of transferring those cases with the Zip Codes 91501 to 91526 for future hearing(s) to NC A and/or NC B.

For additional information, please call (818) 500-3551.
Filing information can also be found using the “Filing Court Locator” on the LASC website at www.lasuperiorcourt.org, under the “About the Court” and “Locations” tabs.