Superior Court of California Changes Jury Fee Requirements Effective September 2012

AB 1481 was signed into law on Sept. 17, 2012 and takes effect immediately.

CCP§631(b) is amended to read:

At least one party demanding a jury on each side of a civil case shall pay a nonrefundable fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150), unless the fee has been paid by another party on the same side of the case. The fee shall offset the costs to the state of providing juries in civil cases. If there are more than two parties to the case, for purposes of this section only, all plaintiffs shall be considered one side of the case, and all other parties shall be considered the other side of the case. Payment of the fee by a party on one side of the case shall not relieve parties on the other side of the case from waiver pursuant to subdivision (f).

Key points are that the fee is nonrefundable and the clerk can only collect one fee from each side of a case.