Five Reasons to E-File Court Documents

Uploading documents from laptop.More and more legal systems are switching to e-filing of court documents. This 21st Century solution to traditional paper filing not only saves time—it saves money. For a number of reasons, e-filing is a much more practical way to handle legal documents. But which e-filing method is best for you? E-Fax, e-file, or hand delivery? Read on to learn more.

E-filing Saves Time

Perhaps the biggest benefit to e-filing is the time it saves you. With traditional hand delivering, you have to leave the office and stand in line for hours, often dealing with unpredictable or odd office hours. On the flip side, e-filing happens in a matter of seconds and can be done from the comfort of your home or office.

Streamline Communication

Filing your documents on an electronic database allows lawyers, court staff, and judges to access the information quickly. Once a document is uploaded, it can be emailed or forwarded to another party. Also, most databases have a search feature that will allow you to find the information you need immediately.

Grow Your Business

The ease and efficiency of e-filing allows legal workers to quickly and readily access information from remote locations. This geographic flexibility allows legal offices to expand to new locations. New locations mean new business for firms looking for more clientele.

Cut Costs

Using an e-filing system means the information is uploaded automatically, saving you mailing costs and the hassle of driving to your local post office. Also, e-filing systems allow you to print only the documents you need on hand. The printing and storage costs you will save far outweigh the minimal upfront costs of an e-filing system.

Gain Peace of Mind

Sometimes one document is all it takes to win a case. For that reason, it is crucial that the documents reach the right person. E-filing is more secure because it cuts out the middle man by providing quick and direct access to documents. But watch out for the fax-filing option. Unlike e-filing, fax fax filing does not come with a confirmation that the document was received. Clients often blow their deadlines when relying on a fax document to go through.

What’s the verdict? E-filing of court documents saves time and money when compared with traditional paper filing. Fax filing, while just as convenient, is a greater risk and not recommended when electronic filing is available. In most cases, e-filing is the smarter option. Contact Direct Legal Support, Inc. for your e-filing needs.