How Advances in Technology Has Impacted the Legal Services Support Industry

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How Advances in Technology Has Impacted the Legal Services Support Industry? With the evolution of the digital age, advancements in cloud based software has transformed some of the traditional legal services provided by professionals in the legal service support industry. For instance, services such as filing legal documents offline has now been replaced by electronic filing systems throughout various courthouses in California.

Below, I have addressed key service issues that have arisen as a result of such changes and how legal support professionals can improve the quality of services they provide as a result therein.

Electronic Filing Systems

Traditionally, the general public has relied on legal service support professionals to file and deliver court documents. In the past few years, courthouses across the nation have implemented electronic filing systems to increase the efficiency of filing court papers while reducing the administrative costs associated with filing documents offline. Essentially, doing so has reduced the need for legal service support professionals to file legal documents at local courthouses.

Depending on how you view this situation, you may either see the electronic filing system as a positive solution, or one that displaces the work of legal service support professional. Here at Direct Legal Support, Inc., we view it as a positive solution.

Because various electronic filing systems are so complex and different, most people will still need additional guidance on how to electronically file court documents. In most cases, depending on the nature of the legal matter, it may be in the person’s best interest to connect with a legal support professional that provides electronic filing services for legal documents. Having a trusted electronic filing provider such as Direct Legal Support, Inc. can help ensure that legal documents are correctly filed.

Service of Process Methods

With recent advancements in online communication networks, there has been a rising trend amongst lawmakers throughout various states analyzing the effectiveness and validity of service of process through online social networks. Throughout the past decade, some state civil procedure laws have permitted for service of process through electronic channels. Industry insiders think the next big channel may in fact be social media networks.

Process servers will still need to assist in locating and serving individuals online since no state currently has laws that permit parties of a lawsuit to render service. The general public may either hire a trained professional to successfully complete the task, or an associate/friend.

Connect with Direct Legal Support, Inc. for more information about how advances in technology are impacting the legal support service industry. Our CEO, Michael Kern, is the President and Director of CALSPro. He enjoys discussing the topic with legal support service professionals throughout California.