Los Angeles Mandatory Probate e-Filing

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The Los Angeles Superior Court Probate division will implement MANDATORY electronic filing (e-Filing) for probate cases effective June 5, 2017. As of that date, documents filed in the Probate Division must be filed electronically through an electronic filing service provider (with a few exceptions). Direct Legal Support will continue to accommodate both LASC Probate e-Filings and hard copy submissions from the exemptions list below. Please review the LASC Probate e-Filing FAQ for more information.

Exceptions to mandatory e-filing in probate cases are:

  1. Peremptory challenges or challenges for cause of a judicial officer (CCP §170.6 or 170.1)
  2. Original testamentary instruments (wills & codicils), letters, original trust documents, and bond or undertaking documents
  3. Trial and hearing exhibits
  4. Documents filed in civil cases that are related for handling in the probate division
  5. Lodged documents

Further, pursuant to California Rules of Court, rule 2.253(b)(2) and Code of Civil Procedure section 1010.6, self-represented litigants are exempt from mandatory electronic filing. Documents may be presented for filing at the clerk’s office or may be submitted electronically.

All electronically filed documents received after midnight will be deemed filed as of the next business day.

Over the next 18 months, the Court will be replacing case management systems for other case types which will allow for the expansion of electronic filing court wide.

Other case types "Tentative" Mandated e-Filing Dates:

Dissolution: September 1, 2017
Limited Civil: December 1, 2017
Unlimited Civil: March 1, 2018