New Requirements For CA Sheriff’s Instructions On Electronic Issued Writs

Beginning January 1, 2014, Assembly Bill 1167 goes into effect amending the California Code of Civil Procedures 687.010. The new code requires that instructions be given to the levying officer and include specified information if the instructions are accompanied by an electronic writ.

These  instructions shall include all the following as stated in the writ:

  • The date of issuance of the writ
  • The name of each judgment creditor and judgment debtor
  • The amount of the total judgment for money, a description of the property subject to a judgment for possession, sale, or both and the amount and the description
  • A statement indicating that the accompanying writ is either of the following:
    1.   An original electronic writ not already in the possession of the levying officer
    2.  A copy of the original electronic writ already in the possession of the levying officer

The Sheriff instruction sheet is being amended to include this information. All instructions written by the attorney or litigant must also include this information or the electronic writ process will be returned in order to comply with this change and delay further process. For further information, Click Here for press release.