Professional and incredibly helpful from the start!

I had been looking to find a firm that I could trust that could serve papers to someone who had already evaded service by a sheriff three times. I called several offices in the L.A. area. None of them proved even remotely professional on the phone.

None of them, of course, until I called Kern and Maria picked up!

This young woman was warm, professional and incredibly helpful from the start. Assuming she represented the merits of the firm I chose to work with your team. It took several attempts, strategies and quite a few phone calls before the woman was eventually served -- but each and every step of the way Maria was supportive and steadfast. She made everything easier. Even pleasant. And bottom line, because of her willingness to go the extra mile for me, the papers were served.

And yesterday in court, the case was ruled in my favor.

So thank you, Maria. And thank you Mike, for your generous time and support, as well. I am grateful for the work you do. It is my pleasure to tell you how much I appreciate your legal services.


Jo Anderson