The Pros & Cons of E-Filing Legal Documents

The Pros & Cons of E-Filing Legal Documents

Throughout the past few years, several courts throughout the State of California and the U.S. have implemented e-filing rules to mainstream and reduce the paper filing of legal documents. Most attorneys have welcomed e-filing practices, but the public at large are still skeptical about the practicality of electronically filing documents with the court. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of e-filing legal documents.

How Can I E-File Legal Documents?

California State court’s e-filing systems allow registered users to file and review legal documents online anytime of day (most e-filing systems are available 24 hours on a daily basis). A document will be deemed submitted for filing when the electronic filing system receives the document. This allows individuals to not have to rush to court to file their documents on time in addition to reducing long waiting lines in most court’s business office.

Certain types of cases are only allowed to be filed electronically. You will have to check with your local court rules to see which ones.

Pros of E-filing

There are several pros associated with e-filing court documents such as the following:

1.Saves time, money, and transportation costs
2. Reduces delays in retrieving court documents
3. Enhances virtual filing accessibility from the convenience of home or the office
4. Enables attorneys and court clerks to work more efficiently by reducing the time and effort needed to manage case files
5. Allows most legal professionals (attorneys and paralegals) to receive notices, orders, and judgments from the court electronically
6. Eco-friendly

Cons of E-Filing

Despite the benefits of electronically filing court documents, there are some disadvantages such as the following:

  1. Software and hardware malfunctions
  2. Additional investment in secure computer security and software to make sure documents are protected and properly formatted
  3. No personalized service with the court’s business office upon filing the documents

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