San Francisco Superior Court e-Filing Mandate

Uploading documents from laptop.Effective Monday December 8th, San Francisco Superior Court mandated e-Filing for certain civil documents. Direct Legal Support, Inc. can provide e-Filing for you through our website portal.  Click on the link to set-up an online account today to submit and upload your documents for e-Filing through our secure e-Filing portal to courts that accept e-Filing, such as the California’s Superior Courts in San Francisco, Orange, Riverside and San Diego Counties. You can e-File multiple documents in a single case for a single transaction fee. Simply login to your account, upload your court documents through our site and we’ll provide you with a stamped, conformed copy upon acceptance from the court.

All other subsequent documents are expected to be e-Filed. Please note that proposed orders MUST be submitted in Word format and all courtesy copy local rules are still in effect. Courtesy copies must be dropped in the appropriate department no later than 1:30PM on the business day following the submission of the file electronically.

At this time the following document types will still be filed in person at the courthouse:  Summons and Complaint,  Request for Default and Default Judgment Packets,  Abstract of Judgment and  Writ of Execution

When requested by customers, Direct Legal Support, Inc. will submit court filing fees required by court rule or statute. Customers can pay via ACH (eCheck) or Open Credit (certain terms apply). This fee only applies when filing fees are required by the Court and the fee will be reflected on the invoice. If you have any questions, contact us via Customer Service email or (800) 675-5376.