Search Trends of Process Server, Process Service, and Process Serving

Direct Legal Support, Inc. has conducted research to examine the search trends of process server, process service, and process serving. There is a degree of “to-may-to” versus “to-mah-to” here and we thought we would share our findings. We have utilized the ever-interesting Google Trends tool to examine search data in California from the beginning of 2008 through the end of January 2014.

Some interesting insights came out of the research. For instance, Sacramento had the strongest attachment to searches for “process server” whereas San Diego was more likely to be associated with “process service.” California itself did not search the terms relatively as much as neighbor Arizona.

“Process serving” has only seen consistent searches since 2009 and even then, it is not as common as “process server” or “process service” in California. In fact, it receives somewhere around one-tenth of the search interest of either of the others.

For the majority of the time, “process service” has taken a backseat to “process server” in search interest, but over the past year, they have been almost equal in aggregate terms. “Process service” has held steady over the past five years, but “process server” has seen a decline in search activity. There may or may not be a reason for the decline, but we don’t want to speculate.