See What Our Fast And Efficient California Process Server Can Do For You!

It takes a large amount of dedication and commitment when serving legal documents. Direct Legal Support, Inc. a California process serving company are specialists that can complete your routine court filing or process service to allow you to spend more time fighting for your clients. Our firm is designed to provide immediate services that meet your important deadlines. We take the hassle out of spending your valuable time finding a California process server.

We know that last minute details can make or break a case and your law firm cannot afford delays. All of our process servers are trained and certified to eliminate the risk of errors. We give you our time and commitment to help you succeed in your legal practice. Direct Legal Support, Inc., gives you the expert assistance that you are looking for in a reliable legal support partner.

Court services may not be the only need that you have. We handle complaints, summons, motions, affidavits and eviction notices. It is common for paperwork to slow down a legal process and our California process servers know how to expedite deliveries and manage time correctly. We notify you after each process service assignment is completed to take away the guesswork that is common when using other process servers.

The same quality that is given to our clients is used for our insurance partners when claims documents need to be filed or served inside or outside of the county. Our process server will conduct him or herself in a professional manner and verify the accuracy of the information before our California process server hands over any documentation to an individual or entity to insure proper service is made. Our bonded agents deliver time sensitive documentation without errors or delays to ensure claims can be expedited and completed.

Not every company has the time or resources to deal with small claims filings. Direct Legal Support, Inc. offers services to file and serve your small claims documents fast to serve individuals, defendants, landlords or businesses quickly. These prompt and accurate services ensure that delivery is made and the next steps of the recovery or legal process can begin without unexpected delays. Our California process servers at Direct Legal Support, Inc., are experts to get the results that you expect.