Is Do-It-Yourself Service of Process Right for You?

Acronym of DIY for Do It YourselfSeveral Los Angeles residents have family members or friends serve defendants with a court summons and complaint for their pending legal matters. In many circumstances, do-it-yourself (DIY) legal service of process may suit your needs. However, depending on the nature of your case (example small claims, family law, or limited civil matters) it may be in your best interest to hire a professional process serving agency to render service on your behalf.

Small Claims Court Service of Process

The Los Angeles Superior Small Claims Court handles civil cases which ask for $10,000 or less in damages. If you file a small claims matter, you will be required to provide the defendant(s) with notice (summons and complaint) of the lawsuit pending against him/her. Most people will ask a friend or family member to serve the defendant.

Unfortunately, while having a friend render service may be convenient, it does not guarantee accuracy and can result in your case being dismissed due to improper service of process.

DIY service of process typically results in more errors occurring regarding small claim actions. When in doubt on how to properly serve someone, we recommend you contact a professional process service agency to provide you with assistance.

Family Law Service of Process

Direct Legal Support, Inc. strongly recommends you hire a registered process server to handle your family law service of process needs. In addition to the initial legal documents that must be served on the respondent to initiate the divorce process, there are several other legal documents that must be properly served between both parties throughout the period of the marital dissolution proceedings.

For example, Request for Admissions, Form Interrogatories, and other legal documents must be officially served on the responding party or their attorney in order to be deemed as providing valid notice. If notice is not properly provided to the party, then the court will be limited in the type of legal action it can perform.

We recommend individuals that file for divorce In Pro Per hire a registered process to ensure that their legal documents are properly served on the opposing party.

Limited and Unlimited Civil Actions Service of Process

Similar to family law matters, there are several legal documents that must be served upon a party throughout the duration of civil legal proceeding. Our registered process servers have a high success rate in providing notice to defendants for limited and unlimited civil actions throughout Los Angeles County.

We invite you to contact Direct Legal Support, Inc. for your process serving needs. We can serve any legal document anywhere in the United States. If you found this article helpful, please feel free to share with others.