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Court Closure"Justice Delayed is Justice Denied" – The Impact of the Los Angeles Superior Court Alternate Dispute Resolution Services Closure

In our previous blog post, we discussed the Los Angeles Superior Court Alternate Dispute Resolution Services (ADR) closure.  As a result of the closure, the Court has requested for attorneys to file less motions and pursue ADR services in the private market to lessen the closure impact on the public.  Now, if attorneys choose to file a petition, it will take years for it to be resolved.

Currently, private mediation in Los Angeles ranges between $150 to $2000 dollars per hour.  The financial cost of private sector ADR services will definitely create a lot of hardships on people seeking to have their claims resolved.

Members of the legal community have spoken out with fury in regard to the ADR closures.  Richard J Burdge, President of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, expressed concerns regarding the closure of the department and how it would add to a congested court system.  He stated that the “ADR is a program that [has] traditionally relieved a lot of the pressure on the courts by taking care of cases without going to trial."

Tony Molino, past President of the South Bar Association stated that "it's going to be five years to get a court date.  Justice is going to be delayed dramatically... [this will] create a lot of hardship on people."

In addition to ADR service closures, there will be courtroom closures as well. The Los Angeles County court system will close all courtrooms in 10 community courthouses starting June 30, 2013.  The staff working at the 10 community courthouse locations will be laid off or transferred to other courthouses.  Cases that have already been filed at these local courthouses will be transferred to other courthouses.

Members of the Los Angeles legal community understand the Court’s need in balancing its fiscal budget.  However, the means in achieving fiscal stability will put even more restraint on members of the public seeking legal justice.  There will be great delays with the closure of the courthouses and termination of the ADR services.

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