Use Direct Legal Support, Inc. Service’s to E-File Your Legal Documents

Kern_Blue_GraphicWhy You Should E-File Your Court Documents

Would you like to spend less time at the court house filing legal documents with the court clerk?   Would you like to spend less money on “court runner” services? Well, Direct Legal Support, Inc. has a solution for you.

Direct Legal Support, Inc. provides a convenient E-Filing service.  No longer do you have to wait in line or rush to the court house to have your legal documents filed.  You can easily file your documents with the click of a mouse.   Check out our top 3 reasons to E-File your legal documents with Direct Legal Support, Inc..

            1.      E-Filing Court Documents is Convenient

With recent court closures and staff reductions, it is taking more time than ever to file legal documents.  Fortunately, Direct Legal Support, Inc. provides a secure E-File portal in which you can file your legal documents with the click of a mouse.  You no longer have to stand in line to wait to file your documents.   Our clients can E-File multiple documents for a single transaction fee in 3 easy steps.

Step 1:  Register/Sign-up New User Account

Step 2: Login to Your Account

Step 3: Upload Your Court Documents

Step 4: Receive a Electronically Stamped Conformed Copy upon Acceptance from the Court

Our E-File portal has a 24/7 online document tracking feature for you to monitor the status of your court documents.  We will also advance your court filing fees. Our E-File system is convenient because you do not have to rush and rely on a court runner to pick up and file your documents.

            2.      You Can Save Money by Using an E-File Service

As mentioned above, using an E-File portal will allow you to save time and money.  You will save time by not having to cram and rush through documents to meet the court runner’s deadlines.  Further, you will not have to pay your staff to stand in line at the court house to file documents.  You will save money on gas, paper, ink and all other associated costs with filing court documents in person.   Click here for more information regarding our fees.

3.      E-Filing is Now Mandatory in Some California Counties

E-Filing legal documents is now mandatory within specific California counties.  For instance, Orange, San Diego, and Los Angeles counties require certain legal documents to be E-Filed. This leaves you with no choice but to use an E-File portal.  Our E-File portal has a simple user interface.  You can file your document within minutes.

Connect with Direct Legal Support, Inc. to find out the latest news regarding California Superior Court E-File rules.   If you do not wish to submit your documents through our online portal, you may send them to us by email or fax and Direct Legal Support, Inc. will process your E-Filing for an additional convenience fee. For more information, call Direct Legal Support, Inc. at 800-675-5376.