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There are several benefits of using a registered process server in California

There are several benefits of using a registered process server to successfully render service of process. Below, we have listed our top 3 reasons on why you should use them.

1. Registered Process Servers Provide Reliable & Accurate Service of Process

Our registered process servers know and understand the complex laws of process-serving. Teaming up with our competent process servers can help you save time and money by avoiding common service of process pitfalls such as not rendering the proper form of service on a defendant.

We recommend you hire a registered process server that is licensed and bonded. California law requires an individual who serves more than 10 papers a year to be registered in the county that they serve in and to be a state resident one year immediately preceding the filing.

You do not want to have your case dismissed due to having an inexperienced server fail at effectively rendering service of process.

2. Successfully Track Down "Hard to Find" Parties

Our registered process servers are skilled at tracking down “hard to find” individuals, or people who attempt to avoid service all together. We utilize non-traditional serving techniques to make sure a person receives notice of the pending legal action asserted against him or her.  For instance, we may use skip tracing techniques to find the whereabouts of an individual that may be evading service of process.

3. Ensure Court Documents are Legally Served

Though service of process may seem simple, there are several legal formalities that must be followed to ensure that the defendant receives proper notice of the lawsuit. If such formalities are not followed, the case may be dismissed.

We provide you with detailed information on how and when your specified party is served. If needed, we will make several attempts to make sure your party is properly served. As a registered process server, we only work with experienced servers who can get the job done within a reasonable period of time.

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