What is a Skiptrace?

Skiptrace or Skiptracing is a term used to locate an individual or business entity who has moved or relocated without leaving a forwarding address. The information is obtained from credit reports, applications, subscriptions, postal information, contacts, and other public and non-public records.

To be successful in locating an individual or business can depend on several factors. These can include how long ago you made contact with the subject or company, how current the information you have on the subject or company and whether the subject resides in the United States or if said company is still in business.

The service fee for a skiptrace depends on the degree of difficulty, and the amount of information provided and time spent to locate a subject or company. It is always important verify with the skiptracing company as to the cost and what information you’ll be receiving for your request including, if a subject or entity can't be located does it include a declaration of due diligence in order to serve by publication.

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