LA County Sheriff Instructions for Eviction

Businesswoman signing the contract.Effective April 1, 2015, The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department will make it mandatory to use the new revised instructions for all evictions in cases. These instructions will not be immediately available on the Sheriff's website as the website is in process of being upgraded and will take some time to complete. Click the Here to obtain the new revised eviction form. Please complete the attachment utilizing a computer rather than printing and handwriting the requested information.

Due to an increase in issues arising from eviction cases throughout the state of California, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has revised its eviction instructions to assist with threat assessment, relocation, access and entry issues. There are rental applications, lease agreements, apartment managers, or maintenance personnel that will have the answers to these questions.   Please do your due diligence when completing these instructions.

Many delays are caused with the initial postings of the property (Writ and Notice to Vacate) when Sheriff’s personnel are unable to gain entry into or onto a property due to security features such as locked gates or entry doors. Another delay is when evicting an elderly person, a disabled person, or a person with special needs because they would become part of the homeless population and having this information would help expedite evictions for all involved, as it would allow us to contact Adult Protective Services (APS) or other appropriate agencies in advance, and have the proper placement and transportation for those in need.

More importantly, many lives have been lost in the eviction process.  Law enforcement personnel are encountering more and more situations in which persons have either threatened suicide or made threats toward law enforcement when they are faced with eviction.  The safety of all involved is paramount.  Prior knowledge of weapons, criminal history, law enforcement contacts, threats or suicide would greatly assist our personnel in safely dealing with known or suspected issues.

Unfortunately, several peace officers and even locksmiths or creditors’ agents, have paid the ultimate price while performing evictions involving such persons.  It the Sheriff's intention to do all we can to avoid this from happening again in the future.